Wedding diaries: A bit of an introduction!

So, for any of you who missed my Engagement post, or the photos over on Instagram, my wonderful partner, M, proposed back at the end of May!

Since then we have been really busy, what with me qualifying and us both moving across the country, into a new house and both starting new jobs; so it’s been hard to find too much time for all things wedding. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve done some things, including some pretty important things, but I have a feeling that the next few months are gonna be busy!

So I wanted to create a mini-series on here to share the wedding planning fun with all of you. Sharing what we have been up to, some products and services I’ve found useful, ways to make the planning process easier, things that we have been able to make & do ourselves and so much more! Obviously, a lot of the actual specific details will be kept secret until after the big day but I can still share the process and how we are getting on with everything! (And then after the wedding I’ll share more of the details!)

So here we go; our “Wedding Diaries” series is here – I hope you all enjoy it! And all you other brides-to-be out there, please send me your tips or struggles and we can all pool ideas together!

To read more “Wedding Diaries” posts (once they are written!) and any other posts to do with the wedding, click here:

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