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We put so much pressure on ourselves every day in our lives – everything moves so quickly and we need to keep up with that – but sometimes that can just get to be too much, and we all need to take a bit of “me” time and turn everything off.

I always know when I’m hitting that point because I avoid looking at my phone when it buzzes just in case it is something else to add to my to-do list. When I get to that point, I know I need to give myself a break. We all have different ways to notice that everything is getting a bit on top of us but it’s important to be able to recognise those signs and give ourselves the time and the rest we need. I know I’m much more productive when I have given myself a break than if I carry on when everything is piling up.

Sometimes, all I need is a cup of tea, other times, it needs something a bit more to truly turn my brain off and get me to chill out a bit!

I was recently sent a “Self Care Box” from Arora at A Little Bit of Sunshine and I have to say I was so so impressed! She really has taken the time to put together exactly what you need to give yourself a bit of a pamper and some brain space when things get a bit much.

Arora really has done her research too and the products are all chosen to release the feel-good chemicals in your brain and make you feel better immediately – plus, they are pretty!

I loved this gorgeous candle – we all know I’m a candle fan and this one is adorable and also smells great!

Opening this box and seeing this hip-flask made me giggle – I will be filling is with something scrummy and saving it ready for the next time myself and the girls feel like making our coffee irish!

There were so many goodies in this box, I felt very very spoilt – every single thing in the box had it’s purpose: the hip-flask and the candle (above) and also an adorable notepad for writing down the ideas bouncing around my head, an amazing smelling bath bomb, some tea bags, some chocolates, a lip balm and a gorgeous sign saying “love” (below) – Perfect for winding down!

So, do yourself a favour, give yourself a break and a bit of self-care. It’s so important to be able to recognise when it all gets too much – and then to give yourself the time when it does.

With that in mind – I’m off to light a candle, run a bath and relax my brain after another busy few days!

If you would like to order, Arora has given me a discount code for you to use to give you £5 off and free shipping for the first month – just use the discount code “BLOG1”.

These boxes are available on a one-off basis, a 3 month subscription, 6 month subscription or a 12 month subscription – and what a great idea, to have one of these arrive each month, ready for when you need it.

*This box was gifted to me, however all views are my own.*

For more information, visit their Website, Instagram, TwitterBlog.

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