I'm a published midwife!

So this week, something really exciting landed on my doormat! The latest issue of the British Journal of Midwifery – featuring an article written by none other than yours truly!

Honestly, when I got the email a couple of months back asking me to write a piece for such a prestigious publication I thought they had got the wrong girl! But it turns out it was me that they wanted and so I set to writing!

I actually wrote a few different pieces before choosing which to submit; I was so nervous to send my work over!

But there it is – my thoughts in a Midwifery journal for everyone to read! Can’t quite believe it!

The internet has brought me some fantastic opportunities over the years, and this is another one to add to the list – I only got approached to write for them because the editor had read this blog! I can’t believe this little corner of the internet has brought me so much – thank you to every single one of you for sticking around and reading my thoughts week-on-week! I’m a lucky lucky girl!

To read the full article, visit the BJM website.

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