Midwife Mondays 48: Exam Results!!!

Just a quick post this week – I’ve been on holiday, gently pickling myself in sangria and sunshine, but wanted to get my results post out anyway.

I’ve gotta say, after doing my final exams on the 7th and 9th August, waiting to find out my final results has been a difficult task. It was made significantly easier by being on holiday, so I guess I can’t complain too much, but still, a tricky wait!

I actually got my results for my breastfeeding OSCE after my final exam on the 9th, which was a little bit of a relief – I’d been quite nervous after that exam, not quite sure how I’d done or what I’d missed out, so knowing that I had got a good grade in that was a big weight off my mind (managed to get a 1st which I was absolutely buzzing about!)

Our final results came through as M and I were sat in the airport on the way back from Spain just a few days ago – cue me getting completely exasperated at the slow internet in Malaga airport, and tapping violently at the screen of my iPhone, desperate to check I’d actually passed everything…

…which, thankfully I had!

The exam that I thought had gone horribly, I was actually only 1 mark off a first, and everything else was fine (I was ecstatic to find out that I got 100% in my drugs calculation exam too!) – I put all my grades and modules into a uni grade calculator and it came out that I have finished first year with a 1st! So so pleased!

It just goes to show that you can have a significantly weaker module and still manage to get a first – my essay for the research module, although I passed, was no grade to shout about, and massively pulled my average down, but I still managed it! Bit of a relief really, heading into second year and knowing that I can still aim for a first even if there is a module that isn’t so strong…I guess we will see…

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    November 3, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    I’ve just read through all of your first year Midwife Mondays posts and have absolutely loved them. I am hoping to be a midwife one day (I’m 31 and have a four year old – I’d also like one more baby first) – so your posts have been really informative to read. I’ve loved following your student midwife journey and cannot wait to read the next part – Year 2! Thanks for sharing all of these – it’s been such a great insight for me xx

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