Midwife Mondays 80: Blog work & My Smear Test!

Hello all!

Yes, please be very impressed – for the first time in BLOODY AGES, I’ve actually got a Midwife Mondays post out ON A MONDAY! [bows head in humble appreciation of the raucous applause! Hehe!]

The reason for this is of course that I’ve actually had time this week to write a post ahead of time, which I never do!

We are on Easter Holidays at the moment (well, actually I’d use the term “holiday” very loosely as we still have tons of revision work to be getting on with ahead of our OSCE exams in about 6 weeks time) and so I’ve tried to use the time to get all caught up with the admin in my life (proper revision can happen next week after I’ve turned my brain off for a bit) – and this has meant a huge amount of time and energy has gone into my blog.

My blog, contrary to the past few months, is actually only partly my midwifery content, and I want to try to get back to that – I know I’ve been busy, but I miss my lifestyle, travel and food content, and I want to write more of it – so I’ve been pulling up my big-girl pants and getting on it this past week! I’ve got a load of posts written and scheduled up, I’ve been posting on twitter and instagram, and I’ve been replying to PR emails that I’ve been delayed from replying to due to the craziness of this course – so expect lots more varied content over the next few months! (if there is any specific lifestyle, travel or food content you’d like to see, please do comment below!)

I’ve tried to give myself a bit of a “midwifery-free” week this week, just purely to give myself a bit of a mental break from everything. I’ve read over a couple of things to do with our OSCE exams in 6 weeks but otherwise, it’s been really lovely not to think about it all – and it’s so important to give yourself a bit of a brain break!

This week I also had my smear test. I know, might be a little bit TMI, but it’s so important to raise awareness for getting it done so I thought I’d mention it. Although this was my second test, I was still a bit anxious before having it done, but it really isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be – they maintain your dignity as much as they can, and it’s done really quickly – and given the fact that it could potentially save your life, less than 10 minutes of discomfort and embarrassment is definitely worth it! So there’s my little plug – if you’re due a smear test, GO GET IT DONE!
I wrote a post with 8 top tips to make it all a better experience and addressing some of the thoughts that come up when you start thinking about smear tests so if you fancy a read click here.

I also drove to my parent’s house in Bristol on Saturday night before my sister’s 21st birthday yesterday which was lovely – we had lunch at The Ivy in Clifton and had then birthday cake and cups of tea, before I drove back home again last night.

Hope you all have a good week and enjoyed your easter weekend!

Image by unsplash-logoAlexandru G. STAVRICĂ

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