Melt-In-Your-Mouth Beef Cheek & more at The Lincoln Grille

As I mentioned in my post last week on The White Hart Hotel in Lincoln, we had a wonderful dinner out on our first night away at “The Lincoln Grille”. We had only arrived at the hotel half an hour earlier after a rushed drive and a bit of stress that we were going to be late, so it was so lovely to know that the restaurant was right there, attached to the hotel, so we could get changed and sorted and head straight down.

After a busy day and a long drive, we definitely needed a drink; M and his dad went for a beer, his mum went for a Gin & Tonic (they have quite a selection of different gins too) but I had taken one look at the cocktail menu and knew I had to order a Raspberry Daiquiri. Tequila is one of those spirits that I love in cocktail form (not too much of a fan of the shot!) but if I have too much of it, I end up dancing on tables so I was sure to only have the one, but my god was it good!

We didn’t want to over indulge so we ordered a couple of portions of the “Garlic Butter and Mozzarella Focaccia, served with Hummus, Sea Salt and Olive Oil” which was delicious – and as each portion came with two slices, we were all set!

When it came to Mains, the others all went for the Steak Night deal – as it was a Thursday they had their special Steak Night Menu where you could order a steak, plus two sides and a drink for £15 which is pretty decent value really!! I was tempted by steak, but when looking over the menu, the Braised Beef Cheek had caught my eye and so I just had to go for that!

It was served with a Cauliflower Cheese Croquette, Tenderstem Broccoli and Fondant Potato, with a rich and really flavourful sauce – And the meat was incredible – it basically fell apart! I definitely didn’t need a knife at all – It was just so beautifully cooked, it was so soft!

For dessert, M and I ordered the same thing; “Hot Chocolate Fondant served with Salted Dulce De Leche and Banana Ice Cream” which was absolutely stunning! It was perfectly melted in the middle, and the addition of a piece of caramelised banana with the ice cream and sticky dulce de leche was delicious! This, for me, was one of those puddings I could order everywhere I go and I’d be a happy girl! Yum! 

M’s Dad went for the “Vanilla Parfait served with Apple, Blackberries, Apple Gel, Crumble and Calvados Granita” and M’s Mum decided on the “Textures of Strawberry – Semi-freddo, Freeze-Dried, Poached & Meringue” – and both looked so so tasty and colourful!

This meal was exactly what we needed after a long day – and the perfect way to start our special weekend away! Yum!

The Lincoln Grille can be found on Instagram and over on The White Hart Hotel website.

Four Stars – Click here to read A Girl On A Journey’s Rating Guide

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