Midwife Mondays: My Degree Classification results are out!

Still can’t quite believe I’ve finished! I’m now sitting here in that awkward limbo between being a student and being a working midwife – waiting for my registration to go through before I can start my new job.

As I think I mentioned before, I have taken a job in a new area – we decided to move closer to family after I qualified. So, we have spent the past two weeks unpacking and building huge quantities of flat-pack furniture! But, after a lot of stress, including three new fridges and two dining tables, our new little house is starting to feel a little bit more like a home – yay!

One little bit of excitement amongst the madness of lifting boxes and trying to choose what bathroom storage to buy or which tv stand to go for was the degree classification results coming out. I knew that everything had gone to the exam board to be reviewed and confirmed but we hadn’t been told when the results would actually be out – that is until one of the girls in my cohort posted a screenshot of her degree classification online – it was available on our uni online portal!

I quickly logged in and scrolled down to find my results – I got a first! A First Class Honours Degree in Midwifery! If you’d told me that at the start of the course, I’d have honestly laughed my backside off! No way I would have believed it!

I’m honestly so so proud to have qualified, let alone to have achieved a first class degree! Still can’t quite believe it!

Now I have to wait another two weeks for graduation (in which I’m making a speech – eek!) and to wait for my registration to come through and I can start work! So excited to start but so nervous too! New hospital in a new city – there’s going to be so much to learn but I can’t wait!

Image by unsplash-logoNik MacMillan

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